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Get Cash Back Of 1% on ICICI Bank Home Loan

ICICI is one of the leading private sector banks. It provides a cash back scheme on the home loan. 1% on every EMI will account for 11% of the total amount after thirty years which is the maximum limit of tenure. This amount is directed to the customer’s bank account. So the burrower will enjoy more benefit. The burrower can use the cash back money to cut down the remaining loan amount. A home loan with minimum term of 15 years is eligible for this cashback option. After the payment of EMI for 3 years or 36 months, one is eligible for the first cash back.  Usual interest rate of home loan in ICICI is 8.35% for women applicant and 8.40% for men applicant. Between the months of September and November, the bank announced 20% cash back for its customers for the credit and debit purchases up to Rs. 10000. This scheme is also valid for the loans raised against asset. (more…)

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Can I Get the Final Expense Insurance with a Pre-Existing Condition?

No matter what kind of diet you have or how much time you spend in the gym, like everyone else, you too are destined to pass away one day. But when you leave, you won’t wish to put any additional financial burden on your loved ones. Final expense insurance is meant to do the same for you. These policies cover all the expenses associated with a funeral ceremony and allow the family to grieve in peace. Still, everyone isn’t informed about the benefits of funeral expense policies and why they should consider having such a plan. Here, we are providing the answers to some important questions related to final expense insurance. (more…)

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6 Riskiest Ventures That Can Hurt Inexperienced Investors Financially

Investing bears risks – we have been warned of this from the very first day we thought about investing. While risk is integral, experienced investors understand that some investments carry a much higher level of risk than others. Some can be mitigated with risk management techniques, like diversification, while others can not. (more…)

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5 Steps To Get The Best Deal On Car Loan

So, after meticulously researching and test-driving, eventually, you have managed to zero in on your dream car. But, do you really think your hassles are over? Hardly, especially if you have plans to acquire a car loan for your purchase. Well, buying a car loan may look like a straightforward task. Indeed, it is, however, getting the best rates for your loan really puts your negotiating skills to the test. If you are looking to get the best deal on your car loan, make sure you have pursued these 5 steps. (more…)

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