Personal Loan 101: 5 Important Questions to Ask Your Loan Officer

A personal loan is a good option whether you are starting to invest, planning to get married or consolidating debts. It is instant to acquire compared to other types of financing as they can be trouble-free.  People borrow money from a bank or a moneylender for different reasons and purposes. One thing is common; it is to live beyond their means. While there are several advantages, loans may not be cheap to pay.

Personal Loan

For whatever reason you need the personal loan for, it should help you survive the situation you are in. Here are five critical questions you may ask before getting yourself in an agreement with money lenders.

What Type of Loan Suits Me Best?

There are many kinds of loans, ranging from simple to complex and traditional to nontraditional. From open and closed-ended, to secured and unsecured, to conventional and conforming loans. You need to consider what fits your financial needs and figure out which one is best for you. Knowing your options well will help you navigate in deciding which one to take. Here are the different types of loans you can opt for:

  • Secured personal loans need collateral like auto equity or your savings account.
  • Variable-rate loans have lower rates but can be bumped up later on by the lender.
  • Fixed-rate loans have fixed interest rate all throughout your loan, from the moment you borrow it until you pay for it.
  • Peer-to-peer personal loans usually have lower interest rates, flexible eligibility, and provided and funded by different individual investors.

How Much Can You Lend Me?

You don’t apply for a loan in a heartbeat. The amount of money you can borrow may differ on the lender. Personal loans also will depend on your capability to pay for it as a person. Lenders will need to know how much you earn, your liabilities and credit score, and your living expenses. The money you wish to loan should be enough for the goal you are trying to attain. You do not file for it and be irresponsible in spending most of it.

How Often Is The Payment?

Loans are not free and certainly not inexpensive. Subject to your loan of choice are the terms of payment. It can be done in a span of one year and can last up to ten years or even thirty years. Be well informed how long the loan will last if you only make the required minimum payments for each cut-off as per agreement. The payment will all depend on the deal you will agree upon with your loan officer.

Remember that the longer the loan term is, the smaller the repayment is as well. However, there will be more interest rate if you will borrow again with the same amount. Getting a personal loan is a commitment that you need to take responsibility for. Choose in what repayment scheme you are most comfortable with. If you have other debts to pay aside from this personal loan you are planning, make sure you can pay for both.

How Much Is The Interest?

Loans are not free and certainly not inexpensive. Expect a difference between the total repayment sum and the original loan. Understand how your interest rate is being calculated and learn how to do it yourself. It is essential to man the process yourself so you can keep up with your finances. The percentage varies depending on the contract, or your negotiation with your licensed money lender.

Interest rates will also vary depending on your lender, the loan term you signed for, the type of loan you chose and cash rates. It is important to know additional fees and charges so that you can plan your expenditures well. The rate will also depend on the total amount of the loan you are applying for. It is essential to be precise in the amount you need to avoid high interest.

How Much Is The Penalty Charges?

Banks and other lenders are generally strict with your dues. There is a corresponding amount of every late payment. Find out how it works, the exact amount and all the details regarding this. Should the circumstance arise, will you be able to afford it? At any cost, try to avoid this mulct. You do not want to add up extra charge to your present loan.

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