Coverage Available Under Roadside Assistance Motor Add-On

In today’s increasingly modern world, people are opting for private cars more than ever before. Cars are not only a necessity, but also a status symbol. Although options for carpooling and multiple modes of public transport are easily available today, but these options are good for daily commutes only.

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Cars are especially necessary for that unplanned weekend trip to a nearby place, when arranging for a medium of to and fro transport at the last minute is a huge headache. But long drives and weekend trips come with the additional peril of mechanical failure. Imagine you are at the middle of nowhere and the car breaks down suddenly at some odd hour of the day! Such incidents can not only leave you stranded and dejected, but can also put you and your loved ones in danger.

To avoid such perils on the road, we have roadside assistance motor add-on cover to provide valuable services in dire situations.

What is Roadside Assistance Motor Add-on cover

According to the IRDA, Universal Emergency Roadside Assistance is one of the add-on covers one can avail with their vehicle insurance. This cover can be opted for by paying a nominal premium amount over and above the basic insurance cover.

Scope of Roadside Assistance Motor Add-on cover

Let us understand the scope of assistance services extended to vehicle owner under the roadside assistance cover.

  • Emergency Towing Assistance:
    • Breakdown: If your car breaks down due to a mechanical or electrical failure, the insurance company provides towing assistance for the vehicle to the service center nearest to your home, if immediate repair is not possible.
    • Accident: If your vehicle is immobilized as the result of an accident, the insurer make towing arrangements for the vehicle to the nearest the police station if the circumstances call for it.
  • On spot repair: Small mechanical or electrical failures which can be immediately repaired at the spot of breakdown itself, and doesn’t require too much time or effort to perform are taken care of by the roadside assistance crew on the spot. If the vehicle is facing battery issues and is unable to start, the crew can use a battery jump-start device to restart the vehicle. Most roadside assistance programs get you a number of on spot services free within a particular range of distance specified.
  • Flat Tyre (Puncture): In case the insured vehicle is unable to move due to a flat tyre, then roadside assistance cover kicks in for getting on the spot tyre repair or replacement, as per requirement.
  • Emergency fuel delivery: A defective fuel gauge, engine consuming too much fuel or just your bad memory, any of these can lead to your car running out of fuel in the middle of the road. In such cases the insurer can deliver up to 5 liters of fuel on a chargeable basis to required spot.
  • Vehicle key service: If you lose your car keys or are somehow locked out of the car with the keys still inside, the insurer can provide you with vehicle technician to provide assistance or a duplicate key, as the situation calls for.
  • Vehicle Pick-up (Driver Disability): If due to any medical reason, the driver of your vehicle is unable to drive any further, alternative driving arrangements can be made to pick up and transport the vehicle to the desired location.
  • Cab services: While your vehicle is being towed to the service station, the roadside assistance add-on also provides for means of transport for occupants of the car by arranging for a cab to take you to your desired location.
  • Emergency accommodation: If the car requires to be towed due to a severe breakdown, this cover further helps in arranging accommodation, food etc for the insured, if available, if required. This benefit, however, is chargeable.
  • Shipment of spare parts: If the vehicle needs any of its part changed on the spot, the insurer can make arrangements for shipment of required parts to the breakdown location. This service is also chargeable on actuals of the spare parts.

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