Jacob Gottlieb And A Former Colleague Are Now Reunited

Medical technology has certainly joined the internet of things movement, and for two medical and financial professionals they see the opportunities as big as ever to bring investors into it. Those two men are Jacob Gottlieb and Stuart Weisbrod who had previously worked together as executives at Merlin BioMed Group and each went their own separate ways to build different healthcare investment companies. But they are once again partnering together to build a new strategic venture that many believe could see more innovation and dynamic solutions than any they have done yet. Both men have a solid track record when it comes to medical services and building a solid financial base for them.

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Jacob Gottlieb has a large resume in both the medical and financial field and has a high acumen in business management. He was actually quite young when he first started paying attention to the stock market and calling out which ones would do well. He attended Brown University where he completed his bachelor’s degree in economics and graduated with very high honors in doing so. He then enrolled in medical school at one of the nation’s top programs at NYU where he received his M.D. He did engage in medical practice for a short time at a hospital in New York, but he started becoming more interested in applying his knowledge of finance to his career. So he got his first position as a professional financial analyst at Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. in 1998 though he would get his chartered financial analyst certification three years later.

Jacob Gottlieb officially joined Merlin in 2000 where he became a portfolio manager and helped the company build quite a reputation as a medical research and development group, and their strategies included biotechnology, medical devices and pharmaceutical production. As part of Weisbrod’s team, he was able to manage investments in vehicles that brought great returns to the firm and attracted even more high net worth clients and institutional investors. The firm had become quite large both in revenue and in assets under management, but after 2005 when Gottlieb began focusing on a new hedge fund he planned to build up, Merlin began to decline. In 2007 it closed up, but Weisbrod had also moved on along with Gottlieb to new things.

Gottlieb would undertake his most successful healthcare investment strategy yet when he founded Visium Asset Management, a hedge fund that he grew from an initial $500 million investment to being valued at $8 billion. This hedge fund built its strategy in healthcare stocks and also had investments in various global funds including $2.4 billion managed through the Visium Balanced Fund. He had quite the plans to turn the hedge fund into one of the largest and most diverse strategic hedge fund on Wall Street with highly creative trade executions and a team of some of the finest financiers. Unfortunately Visium didn’t quite make it to that place, but Gottlieb then founded Altium Capital about a year ago and with its new partnership coming together with Weisbrod’s Iguana company, the future looks very good for new healthcare investments.

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